About Us


Intercom is a privately held and profitable company focused on wholesale, distribution and manufacturing of long-distance prepaid calling cards and prepaid wireless products. Intercom has its main office in Edmonds, Washington, and operates throughout the state of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California.

Intercom has successfully introduced a number of calling card brands such as UNI, CallPlus, Dulce, and GEO which are widely recognized as the Best Quality calling cards and is cost effective, reliable and easy to use. The company serves over 29,000 customers daily throughout 3,000 retail locations. The company also serves corporate clients with cost-effective calling plans, prepaid wireless calling plans, OEM calling card products.


Intercom's mission is to help our customers get connected to their friends, family and their loved ones with the highest quality of service at the lowest available cost, so that they can get connected for more time and share more of their thoughts and feelings. Its sales force and customer service team are committed to exceeding customer expectations and fulfilling customer needs.

Intercom will emerge as the leading international telecommunication provider to a diverse set of customers in the U.S. by offering powerful but easy-to-use communication alternatives and employing the latest technological advances.


When dealing with our customers, Intercom prides itself on its customer service and the servicing options it provides to meet customers' need. Through its website, email, and call center, our customer service team dedicates to reach our goal of 100 customer satisfaction.


Intercom's sales representatives step right into the doors of over 3000 stores located in more than 100 cities throughout the State of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California. Each one of the clients will have his/her own designated sales representative who has over to 20 years of sales experience. The sales representatives will help our clients set up a business with Intercom, recommending what products will be best suitable for the client's business. They will not only deliver our products to the stores, but also help manage clients' inventory to minimize his/her cost, thereby maximizing his/her profit. Moreover, they are fully committed to address clients' question and concerns, and to meet clients' expectations.