Prepaid Calling Cards

Clear Voice to the world


We understand the challenge of being apart from friends and family back home. Staying in touch, topping up minutes and sending money should be safe, simple and affordable. Welcome to BOSS Revolution.

Why Choose BOSS Revolution?

  • Low Rates on all international calls.
  • You can recharge online of use cash at any BOSS Revolution Store
  • Get $1 free to try our international calling service.

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Amigo Sinpin™ is a new web-based system created to allow customers to make international calls and recharge their phone number in any authorize Amigo Sinpin™ store and to offer customers real minutes without any hidden charges. This system is the easiest and safest way to call around the world.

  • Amigo Sinpin™ is provided by one of the biggest and well known companies in the telecommunication industry, Veritas Prepaid. Our quality to Latin America, specially to Mexico and Central America Countries is A+.
  • Amigo Sinpin™ offers very competitive rates to many different countries. Distributors have 100% control over their stores.


Prepaid Calling Card allow you to make domestic and international calls from any place in the United States with extremely competitive lower rates. We offer extremely competitive rates compared to other companies' products.

Internation Top-Up

Recharge pre-paid mobile phones of family and friends around the world from your telephone in the United States!

  • Real-Time – Funds Are Immediately Available
  • Easy to add funds around the world
  • Receive double and triple the value of the top up card purchased when carriers are offering promotions.
  • 64+ Participating Countries and 55 Mobile Operators
  • Fixed and Variable Denominations Based on Product Availability